Industrial Custom


We offer a wide variety of cleat options from 2D cut profiles for prototypes and smaller quantities to custom “in house” injection molded cleats for larger quantities.
Standard materials for cleats are white 92 ShA TPU and clear 90 ShA FDA compliant TPU
Injection molded cleats are standard white but can be made in any color your application requires. Minimum quantities may apply.


We provide but are not limited to industry standard covers. We can provide R&D services to develop the ideal compound for your application.
We are capable of bonding TPU and PVC in our core production lines.

Pin Splice

We pin splice up to 50mm wide


We produce T and H pitch timing belts with integral guides.
Integral guides are longer lasting and more accurate than fabricated guides.

Specialty Materials

FDA Compliant Resin

Used for direct food contact or when frequent washdown is required.
Standard hardness is 90 ShA, but we have 85 ShA available as well.

High Temperature Material

We offer TPU belts that can operate in environments up to 150°C (300°F)

Low temperature Material

We offer TPU belts that can operate in environments as low as -40°C (-40°F)
Often used in refrigerated rooms

Various Colors

All TPUs we use are naturally clear, so any color is possible. Minimum quantities may apply.


We offer nylon fabric backed and toothed belts in green as our standard fabric option.
Black is available as well; minimum quantity may apply.
Static dissipating fabric for specialty applications such as microchip manufacture.
US Timing and Conveyor, LLC - Clear, High Temp, Blue FDA, Standard White MaterialUS Timing and Conveyor, LLC - Injection Mold Cleats, 3D Printed Cleats and Standard Extrusion CleatUS Timing and Conveyor, LLC - K13 Guides & K6 GuidessUS Timing and Conveyor, LLC - 85 ShA Clear Cover, PVC Green Super Grip, 60 ShA Blue and 40 ShA OrangeUS Timing and Conveyor, LLC - PVC Green Super Grip